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High-Probability Trade Setups. A Chartist's Guide To Real-Time Trading
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High-Probability Trade Setups. A Chartist's Guide To Real-Time Trading

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A comprehensive volume of today's most profitable trade set-ups A key element of trading is identifying situations in the financial markets that can produce a profitable trade

Each pattern is thoroughly described, including its strengths and drawbacks, ease of identification, and the degree to which it produces profitable trades

Engaging and informative, High Probability Trade Set-Ups provides a detailed explanation of twenty powerful, recurring tradable situations in the financial markets

Examples of the set-ups include chart patterns such as ascending triangles, diamonds, gaps, pennants, and channels

Features many new technical tools for tracking individual stocks Contains a resource guide, which will help to monitor the market for the trade set-ups discussed throughout the book Reveals how to use ProphetCharts to perform advanced intermarket technical studies and identify the best opportunities Written in a straightforward and accessible style, High Probability Trade Set-Ups covers a lot of ground with respect to this approach and shows you how to use it to make the most of your time in today’s dynamic markets.

Fundamental analysts search for situations where a stock is undervalued or if a stock’s prospective earnings growth is underestimated by a majority of investors

High Probability Trade Set-Ups catalogs the best trading situations from a variety of technical approaches

Most importantly, the author provides entry and exit points for each set up

Technical analysts look at patterns in the market that historically indicate the direction of the markets next move